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Speedo Meter
Joule Universal offers premium-class Speedo Meter units for two, three, and four-wheeled vehicles tore cord various physical quantities such as distance, speed, etc. These units are available in various aesthetic and sturdy designs as per customer demands.
Automotive Meters
We are a renowned manufacturer of high-performance Automotive Meters that are designed for light to heavy vehicles. These devices are designed with high precision and accuracy that helps to keep the record of various quantities in a readable form.
Speedo Sensors
Speedo Sensors are highly active semiconductor devices that are used to sense or convert the number of rotations into the speed of the vehicle. There are many different types of such sensory devices availed by us for different vehicle models.
Fuel Float Unit
Fuel Float Unit designed by us are electromechanical units that are used to indicate the level of fuel level within the fuel tank. They are made up of non-reactive materials that result in longer life by preventing the reaction with combustible fuels. 
Tacho Meters
Tacho Meters are smart and intelligent sensor-based devices that are designed to measure the round per minute of a rotating element. These devices are commonly used with light to heavy-duty vehicles to measure wheel speed.
Automotive Fuel Meter
We are a big name that deals in the manufacturing and supplying of high-performance Automotive Fuel Meter that are designed by using top-quality electrical and mechanical elements that result in high durability and measuring sensitivity.

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